Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris's Coaching Staff

Jonathan Harris

Full Name:
Jonathan Harris (Jonno)
Date of Birth:
30/10/1955 (61)
Began Sailing:
Age 13
Oatley (NSW)
Home Club:
Cronulla SC
Institute / Academy:
Australian Sailing Team:
2011 - Present
B. Surveying (UNSW)

Personal Mantra / Favourite Quote

Bite off more than you can chew, then chew like buggery.

My sporting hero is

Peter Blake, a yachtsman who achieved everything.

If I wasn’t sailing

I would be cruising the Mediterranean ( in a sail boat of course)

On my day off

I would go for a surf, then chill out at home

Advice to young sailors

Aim high, but don't ever lose the joy of just being out on the water, mucking about in boats.

Personal Achievements

Australian sailor of the Year, 2013.
  • What was the first boat you raced in?

    VJ ( Vaucluse Junior)

  • What other boat classes have you sailed during your career?

    Moths, Tasars, Etchells

  • When did you first represent Australia?

    2012 IFDS worlds, Florida, USA

  • What has been your Career Highlight?

    Bronze medal, 2013 IFDS worlds, Kinsale, Ireland.

  • SONAR Technical Details
    • Type Keelboat
    • No. of Crew 3
    • Designer Bruce Kirby
    • Year Designed 1979
    • Beam Length 2.4m
    • Hull Length 7m
    • Mainsail Area 17.4 m2
    • Headsail Area 9.1 m2
    • Spinnaker Area 29.9 m2

    Top Sailing Results

    • 2012 Paralympics 6th
    • 2015 Para World Sailing Champs Silver
    • 2014 IFDS Worlds Bronze
    • 2013 IFDS Worlds Bronze
    • 2016 Sailing WC Miami Silver
    • 2015 Sailing WC Melbourne Gold
    • 2015 ISAF WC Weymouth Gold
    • 2015 Delta Lloyd Regatta Gold
    • 2015 ISAF WC Hyeres Silver
    • 2014 ISAF WC Hyeres Bronze