Outteridge/Jensen and Waterhouse/Darmanin make moves at Nacra 17, 49er/49erFX World Championships

Outteridge/Jensen and Waterhouse/Darmanin make moves at Nacra 17, 49er/49erFX World Championships

Olympic gold medallists Nathan Outteridge (NSW) and Iain Jensen (NSW) jumped up the results ladder and into overall second place

2016 Nacra 17, 49er and 49erFX World Championships in Clearwater, Miami

Olympic gold medallists Nathan Outteridge (NSW) and Iain Jensen (NSW) jumped up the results ladder and into overall second place on day three of the 2016 Nacra 17, 49er, and 49erFX World Championships in Clearwater, Florida (Thursday, 11 February 2016 EST). It was only the second day of racing for the men’s skiff fleet after Wednesday was cancelled due to too much wind.

World #1 in the Nacra 17 Jason Waterhouse (NSW) and Lisa Darmanin (NSW) also moved up into the top three and are ranked third after three days of racing. The pair also has a results enquiry and possible correction pending from Wednesday’s OCS score.

OR if it comes through in time: an OCS for yesterday’s last race was corrected today after the pair had put in a results enquiry and protest with the jury.

In the light conditions, the women’s 49erFX fleets got four races in with two Australian Sailing Squad crews ranked in the top fifteen – Tess Lloyd (VIC) and Caitlin Elks (WA) in 13th and Haylee Outteridge (NSW) and Nina Curtis (NSW) 14th. Olivia Price (NSW) and Eliza Solly (VIC) follow in 21st.

Men’s Skiff – 49er

Four races were completed in the 49er fleet on Thursday, 11 February and after Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen had started the event with a 15th on the first day, followed by no racing on the second day, the pair made the most of a full day of racing to jump up the results ladder into second.

In light conditions the pair posted a strong series of one race win, a second, third and fourth.

“We didn’t get a race in yesterday and today the conditions were really light. It’s a completely different game in the light air compared to the heavier conditions, but we take each day as it comes,” Iain Jensen said.

“The first race was really light and then it swung around and we got a light sea breeze for the rest of the day. We had a second, first, third and fourth and were just executing good starts, going the right way and the speed seemed pretty good,” he summed up the day.

“We seem to be going fast in the light stuff, which is an area we struggled in at the last Worlds. We’re expecting some of the same for tomorrow and the days after that are looking pretty good.”

2016 Nacra 17, 49er and 49erFX World Championships in Clearwater, Florida - Racing Day 3

Racing in the other fleet, defending World Champions Peter Burling and Blair Tuke (NZL) continued their series of straight wins to keep their lead going into day four of the event, which will see the completion of the Qualifying Series.

The three other Australian Sailing crews struggled with the light conditions and dropped down the ranks as a consequence.

Joel Turner (QLD) and Tom Siganto (QLD) are ranked 36th, David Gilmour and Lewis Brake 49th and Harry Price (NSW) and Harry Morton (NSW) 63rd.

With the jury having decided for another day of qualifying, they still have the chance to make up points before the fleet is split into Gold and Silver fleets.

Mixed multi-hull – Nacra 17

In the Nacra 17, the fleet was happy about a day in lighter conditions after an exhausting day two with four races in tough conditions.

Eight races have been completed thus far and after a consistent series of a fifth and fourth plus a race win in the last race of the day Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Waterhouse are sitting in overall third.


“Day three was a really good for us and we sailed a consistent day. It was quite soft and variable out there so we just used that to try and gain some points from the few errors yesterday,” Jason Waterhouse said.

With a big shift in wind conditions and sea state it was all about adjusting the equipment accordingly and using the right finesse on the boat as Jason Waterhouse explains: “You just have to set up the boat a bit differently, the rig and the foils. We also had to change the way we sailed and needed a bit more finesse on the boat to keep it going fast. There was still a bit of left over swell there from yesterday so you still needed technique and the groove. But Lisa is sailing really well, keeping the boat go forward and that allows me to make good decisions.”

The pair’s current point score could still be bettered should the pair be successful in results enquiry they have put in about an OCS in Wednesday’s racing.

According to Jason Waterhouse, after a premature start they did go back to re-start and he hopes the result to be corrected after providing video evidence to the jury.

Women’s Skiff – 49erFX

Sailing in two fleets the 49erFX finally got underway on Wednesday, but with no racing on day one and just one race possible on day two the 49er/FX fleets tried to make up for lost racing on Thursday.

2016 Nacra 17, 49er and 49erFX World Championships in Clearwater, Florida - Racing Day 3

Three races were completed with some strong results across all Australian crews.

Australian Sailing Squad’s Tess Lloyd (VIC) and Caitlin Elks (WA), who started the regatta with a third place, are the top ranked Australian crew in 13th after posting a 13-10-4-11 series today.

Haylee Outteridge (NSW) and Olympic silver medallist Nina Curtis (NSW) started the day strongly with a 3-9-3 series, but finished with an OCS in the last race and are ranked 14th.

Olympic silver medallist Olivia Price (NSW) and Eliza Solly (VIC) posted a 20-3-15-7 series and are ranked 21st.

Racing is scheduled to resume on Friday, February 12, 2016 EST (AEST minus 16hrs). Qualifying in the 49er/FX fleets will continue for an extra day with three races scheduled in the 49erFX from 12:00 EST and four races in the 49er from 14:00 EST.

Follow results here: http://www.saillife.com/#!results/xnacl

Race Schedule: Qualifying from the 9-12th of February. Silver and Gold fleet racing from the 13-14th with the Medal races on the 14th.

Live broadcast starts from Day 4 – Friday 12th February, 2016 - 12:00 eastern time USA
- 49er, 49erFX Gold Fleet: - https://youtu.be/ue_3hkDFiLQ

Australian Sailing Team (AST) & Squad (ASS) at Nacra 17, 49er/49erFX World Championships

Results as of Thursday, 11 February 2016 (EST):

Mixed Multi-hull – Nacra 17

  • Jason Waterhouse (NSW) & Lisa Darmanin (NSW) – AST: 4, 16, 20, 4, (44 OCS - tbc), 5, 4, 1 – 3rd
  • Euan McNicol (NSW) & Lucinda Whitty (NSW) – ASS: 17, 27, 16, 18, (44 RET), 12, 21, 35 – 27th

AST Athlete profiles:

Men’s Skiff – 49er

  • Nathan Outteridge (NSW) & Iain Jensen (NSW) – AST: (15), 2, 1, 3, 4 – 2nd
  • David Gilmour (WA/WAIS/AST) & Lewis Brake (QLD/QAS/ASS): 5, 20, (27), 26, 23 – 49th
  • Joel Turner (QLD/QAS/AST) & Tom Siganto (QLD/QAS/ASS): 12, (24), 18, 13, 15 – 36th
  • Harry Price (NSW/ASS Youth Bridging) & Harry Morton (NSW/ASS Youth Bridging): (DNF 56), 25, 33, 30, 32 – 63rd

AST Athlete profiles:

Women's Skiff – 49erFX

  • Tess Lloyd (VIC/VIS) & Caitlin Elks (WA/WAIS) – ASS: 3, 13, (19), 4, 11 – 13th
  • Haylee Outteridge (NSW/ASS) & Nina Curtis (NSW/ASS): 17, 3, 9, 3, (22 OCS) – 14th
  • Olivia Price (NSW) & Eliza Solly (VIC/VIS) – ASS: 15, (20), 3, 15, 7 – 21st


About the Nacra 17, 49er/FX World Championships

Six months out from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games the is the Nacra 17, 49er, and 49erFX World Championships are the final World Championship for these classes and a major milestone on the road to Rio for Australian Sailing Team’s already selected crews of Nacra 17 World #1 Jason Waterhouse (NSW) and Lisa Darmanin (NSW) as well as 49er Olympic gold medallists Nathan Outteridge (NSW) and Iain Jensen (NSW).

Both crews were selected on the Australian Olympic Team in December. See AOC media release here: http://rio2016.olympics.com.au/news/first-sailors-selected-include-three-defending-champions

In the Women’s 49erFX the crew to represent Australia in Rio 2016 is yet to be decided. With Olivia Price (NSW) and Elize Solly (VIC), Haylee Outteridge (NSW) and Nina Curtis (NSW) plus Tess Lloyd (VIC) and Caitlin Elks (WA) at the start line in Clearwater, three crews will be aiming to put in convincing performances at these World Championships with selection ongoing over the next couple of months.

See event preview here: http://www.australiansailing.org/nacra-17-49er-49erfx-world-champs/

While Australian Sailing has already qualified all of the nine Olympic classes it aimed to qualify for Rio 2016 as well as in all of the three Paralympic classes, final selection is still open in all but the 49er, Men’s 470 and Nacra 17.

This combined double-handed championship is the first time all three of the fastest Olympic boats have teamed up for a championship together. The 49er men’s skiff has been on the Olympic program since Sydney 2000, while both the 49erFX women’s skiff as well as the Nacra 17 mixed-gender multihull will premier on the program at Rio 2016.

Over 120 teams from more than 37 countries will be competing in front of the Pier on Clearwater Beach, Florida. Racing is scheduled from February 9-14, 2016, with the first three days used for qualifying and the final three days for Gold Fleet racing, followed by the medal race on the final day.

The racing will be live broadcast on youtube for the final three days.

Find out more about 49er sailing with Outteridge & Jensen here: https://youtu.be/5UmGtbYBNTA

The Nacra 17 and 49er/FX World Championships in Clearwater, Florida, USA will be followed by another highlight on the pre-Olympics racing calendar, the 470 World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Defending World Champions Matt Belcher (QLD) and Will Ryan (QLD) will contest the event with racing scheduled from 22 – 27 February 2016.

For more information on the Nacra 17 and 49er/FX World Championships see here: http://www.saillife.com/

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